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email mairead on info@maireadcurran.com
call mairead in Australia 61 victoria 3 then on her cell 403495193

Our studio sports a sound booth and several microphones including an AKG C 3000 B, a nice flat response mic, suitable for straight voice work, an MXL 9000 tube mic giving the richer sound needed in character voiceovers and a Shure KSM32 with incredible 'detail' that picks up all the subtle nuances.

These feed into an RME fireface 400, a combined pre-amplifier and sound card that faithfully delivers a digital signal to our computer, a low noise, dual-core PC.

For software we use Steinberg Wavelab for most of our projects, a non-destructive wave editing package and Adobe Audition when we want to mix in music beds and sound effects with Mairead's voice.

So what does all this mean for you? We use high quality equipment and match the mic to your project, because with mics, one size does not fit all. It also means when the commercial recording studios are closed, Mairead's mouth is still open!

If you want more tech talk, head over to my blog for more discussion of all things audiophile.

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