Reciprocal linking

Hi, in my continuing adverntures in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) today I want to talk about reciprocal linking. Generally this activity benefits both you and the site you are linking to, but there are a few golden rules:

Try to gain links from sites that have a higher page rank than you – Why? Because the search engines divide the page rank of the links page by the number of links on the page and give each link their share, so higher page rank means more rank flow to go around.

Avoid sites that bury their links page in lots of subdirectories (ie their links page should be one click away from their home page and at the same directory level) Why? – Because the total page rank of a site is divided between the pages that directly link from it, so a links page that is buried deep within a site is only getting a fraction of a fraction of page rank.

Test the pages of potential link partners for nofollow tags, disallow tags in their robots.txt file, javascript masks on their links and so on (Look up these terms to learn more). These sites are trying to get your page rank from the link you provided, but not give any page rank back.

Vary your anchor (the clickable bit with your web address embedded in it) and description text in links you post on other sites and use keywords that can be found on your website. Seach engines diminish the value of links to your site that are the same link posted over and over again on different sites.

Anyway thats it for today, happy hunting!

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