Voice acting artist mairead curran provides voiceover services your way
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email mairead on info@maireadcurran.com
call mairead in Australia 61 victoria 3 then on her cell 403495193

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If you want to know more about eLearning, visit Mairead's husband's eLearning consultant website.

Also if you need your responsible service of alcohol training, check out his RSA course site or RSA Certificate site.






Mairead's fifteen years experience, passion for voice over, extraordinary talent and professional home studio are at your service. Its voice your way.

For your next imaging or media campaign, cut through with a hard or soft sell, a natural approach, whatever your need, Mairead delivers the voice overs you need. Check out her commercial sample and see why she’s the first choice voice of leading brands.

As a trained and experienced actor in theatre, TV and film, Mairead would love to get her voiceovers into your next game, animation or audio book. With compelling characters, many accents, and great comedy timing she’s the voiceover in your next project. Hear her samples and you’ll understand why her husband’s never quite sure who he’s married.

Whether it’s eLearning, a documentary, presentation, website or on-hold, Mairead’s got you covered. She also does hot loops, so if you are a musician or DJ, then make tracks to her demo panel now.

Oh and in case you're wondering, its pronounced 'Parade', but with an M;)

maireadcurran.com Australian female voice actor, artist and talent providing voiceovers, voices brands like target, siemens, Mazda and so on.
maireadcurran.com Australian female voice over actor, artist and talent providing voice samples
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